Strength from science

A global leader in health and wellness for more than 6 years, our world-class scientists, engineers, and product development experts are the force behind Nutrindia’s leading nutrition, beauty, and home care products. We are aware that more people are looking for taste, natural ingredients, and authenticity in the food and drinks they buy. At the same time, we are very conscious that we need to help people curb their intake of saturated fat, salt, sugar, and excess calories to control the rise of the diet and lifestyle related diseases.
We believe in connecting directly with our customers, global colleagues, and external partners to understand and deliver innovative solutions to Nutrindia Business Owners. We only use top-quality ingredients in addition to well researched preservation techniques to create a range of delicious and easy to prepare meals. While we maintain the taste and quality expected by our consumers, we strive to make our products healthier as we also focus on gradually reducing the sodium content of products in our portfolio.


Driven by scientific excellence

Our scientists and engineers are taking discovery and innovation to the next level. We never rest on past accomplishments, we build on them. We are diligent and inventive in our approach to making Nutrindia™ products and digital experiences better for our customers.

Best of science

While efforts behind some segments of product development research are kept secret for competitive purposes, others warrant a different approach: sharing. Whether it’s submitting our research for publication in scientific journals, applying for a new patent or opening the results of a study for public domain, Nutrindia R&D believes in the importance of sharing to advance scientific research.

100+ global patents & patents pending

Nutrindia holds more than 100+ global patents and patents pending for our products, a natural result of our focus on innovation and our rigorous testing processes.


50000+ tests

We perform more than 50000+ quality tests per year, demonstrating our dedication to delivering safe and effective products.


20+ advanced degrees

Our R&D team holds more than 20 advanced degrees and includes some of the best and brightest scientists on the india.

Nutrindia has more than 100 scientists,
engineers, and technicians

Our global family of more than 100 scientists, engineers and technicians work with leading universities, science institutes and advisory boards to conduct world-class research and product development.


Nutrindia Scientific Advisor

Nutrindia Scientific Advisors are industry-leading experts in the fields of beauty, health and nutrition. These advisors support Nutrindia by providing feedback on current and future studies, advising on research activities, offering scientific recommendations and facilitating new collaborations with leading institutions.

More than 75 locations

There are more than 75 Nutrindia places and spaces around the world that include experience centers, shops, plazas, and distribution centers.


Manufacturing facilities

Nutrindia owns six strategically placed manufacturing operations that produce millions of high quality products for our NBOs and customers worldwide.


Major Distribution / Warehousing

These hubs exist in nearly every region in which products are available for purchase. The facilities provide a modern competitive delivery experience for our customers and NBOs.

When people start an Nutrindia business or buy our products, we want them to be confident in their choice. That’s why we’ve established the most comprehensive customer service and consumer protections offering in our industry. While specific provisions of Nutrindia Promise vary from market to market, below is a general description of the types of protections that may be available under Nutrindia Promise. For specific details in your country, please contact your local Nutrindia affiliate or visit your local market website.
Although specific provisions of Nutrindia Promise vary by market, all NBOs follow the Nutrindia Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, which define the goals, principles and responsibilities of building and operating an Nutrindia business. The Nutrindia Code and Rules are consistent with the Code of Ethics of the indirect selling.

Protection is our promise